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Gay Thoughts for Today

18 Oct 08

Gay Dating via Amateur Gay Webcam

I heard from my friends the other day that a bloke has successfully seduce a gay guy from a free amateur webcam site.  They chat every day online and finally they are living together now. 

I heard this happen on girls web cam sites more mostly because there are a lot more Russian girls or Asian third world girls would rather get a husband to secure their living than working as webcam porn hosts for the rest of the life.  Does it work the same way on the queer planet I am not sure? 

I suppose if you are gay and you are shy, that means your only chance is to wait for someone to pick you up.  It means you haven't much choices when it's only someone come to you and you don't have the guts to approach the one that you fancy.  This is when live gay chat kicks in.

In the webcam world, nobody knows you and you don't know anybody.  But it doesn't matter because everybody is the same.  You go into a chatroom, if you like what you see then you start talking to the host.  If you don't like the host or don't like the atmosphere in the room then you can just quit and nobody cares.  It saves all the embarrassment feeling in real life face to face contact.

I guess this is how the gay dating work out in the end.

To make the whole dating thing work, the host'd better be real amateur such that he is really gay and he is an ordinary person like you and me who will need a partner too.   Those who work for studios may be bi or even straight and they just put on a show to earn a living. 

You visit the same amateur guy's live cam regularly such that he will start to recognize you and you start to know more about him.

You do need to go into the private personal live chat sometimes to check out each other's style and preferences.

In a typical web cam chat room, there are full of beggars to beg for free show from the porn hosts.  If you are the regular and being polite and not pushy, you will stand out easily.

Find a gay amateur web cam site that supports cam2cam like Flirt for Free, ifriend or Cam Contacts.   This means once you are comfortable with the porn host, you turn on your own webcam at home such that the host can see you too.  He can see how you look and he can also see you jerk off for him.  The 2-way cams help to see and understand each other.

Finally, if the porn host really likes you.  He may not want you to spend your life saving on the live shows and you guys may meet up eventually, even though he may risk loosing his contract with the cam site.

2 Oct 08

Why do I like webcam video chat

One day I was going on and on about a black stud I met on  a webcam chat site with my friend in the bar.  He asked, "what's the attraction about this gay webcam chat online?  You can't touch him!"  I suppose these are the reasons I like it.

Firstly, as my friend said, you can't meet him in real life and you can't really touch him so it doesn't seem to count as adultery to my boyfriend.  It's more like looking at dirty pictures or watching gany bang video online.  But then it helps to satisfy the itch of seeing some other cocks and in this case, many many choices of nice huge cocks out there for me to choose.

Secondly, cam video chat seems safer than meeting someone real in real life and there is no string.  I don't have to worry that someone may see me go out with another sweet guy.  All I need is to sit by the computer at home, flirt as much as I want and have a nice cum afterwards.  Not to mention I still love my boyfriend and playing with someone online occasionally doesn't mean I want to risk loosing my love one.

Yes, these guys out there are working for money but it's more personal than watching any gay bang videos.  I can ask him to do anything and most of the time they are obedient and willing to do what I ask.  (I suppose asking nicely help too)   And if I do go back to the same guy another time he may still remember me.

In fact, I have a thought.  Maybe one day I should ask my boyfriend to watch a session of live chat with me.  We can let the sweet thing get us very horny and then we disconnect and have a real nice fxxk!  Don't you think it will work?



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